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The AbsurdistThe Absurdist

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
  The first rule of Defamer

I have failed. The mighty publishing blog publishing Gawker Media empire has enveloped me yet again with it's latest portal of acerbic wit, shameless gossip and internet tenacity. The site is Defamer. It's mission is to cavity search the Hollywood hype machine. Resisting the whole of seven days, I have now succumbed to it's siren song like so many starry eyed actors leaping at the opportunity to fellate at the casting couch altar of overpromised fame. But unlike regular staples of the Gawker hyperlinks cosmos, Defamer has no identified editor- just some stone casting glass house dweller with the blinds drawn. Sort of like this House of Absurd. But unlike the House of Absurd and its lack of high fibre breakfast cereal, Defamer is regular in postings and in quality. Sadly, the whole blog labour of love is less enticing when not motivated by minor internet fame. I am always impressed when anonybloggers such as TMFTML, Eurotrash, or Bunsen managed to pump out posting after posting like a Mormon housewife perpetual birthing machine. Or at least used to. Even her matron saintness of blogdom Elizabeth Spiers, Gawker's original sinner, has dropped The Kicker off the RSS radar screen.

So I ask, are blogs a gateway drug to paying gigs? Are they just a nasty productivity sink hole of limited attention span for both reader and writer? Or is it some sad group therapy venting post circle of anonymous trust? I don't know, but damn- should would be nice to get paid!

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