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The AbsurdistThe Absurdist

Monday, July 12, 2004
  Fuck for the environment? Sure, I'll put my back into it.

After a recent trip to the excellent Quart Festival in Norway's Denmark's pot addled hippie commune district, Christiania, I have taken to what I like to call "Noble Porn." Yes, it is indeed a brave new concept, but Noble Porn is actually good for you. Thus, I refute Porn's storied history as blindness inducing, socially unacceptable, palm hair tonic of wanton self indulgence,

"Porn and Scandinavian music festival? What's the link?" you may ask. Well, let me tell you. After rocking in the audience for local band, The Cumshots, a mysterious couple hijacked the stage and exclaimed, "How far would you go to save the world?"

Without warning, they peeled off their clothes and began violently saving the world... the very world that was being screwed with environmental devastation, fucked up the ass with exploitive plundering, a world raped of its natural resources. Wow. I'm really cheesing this one up...

It has become very clear to me as I type that these two stark naked, fornicating heroes of nature have had a very pronounced effect on me. That the environment can be save using all means necessary, harnessing the most unlikely and awesome power of porn. Porn to do good. Porn to right the ills of society. Porn for purpose. Either that, or I have completely damaged my noodle thanks to Christiania's liberal views of copious amounts of weed consumption. Dude.

Do yourself some good. Protest world abuse by altruistic self abuse. Fuck for forest.

I recover now.

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