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The AbsurdistThe Absurdist

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
  The Edmonton Fringe festival bloodbath

Having jettisoned into Edmonton for a few days, I was fortunate to partake in what is the largest Fringe Theatre Festival in North America. Combined with the world's largest shopping mall, Edmonton's got, well, two things going for it. Oh and unlike the rest of Canada, there's no provincial sales tax. So I guess there's three good things.

None the less, I was unable to attend any actual fringe theatre productions but was treated to what I like to call a bit of artist street brawl theatre. Standing outside the Next Act Pub, a drinking establishment renown for pre/post theatre imbibery, an unfortunate fisticuff between fey artistic fellows broke out. Not only was there bitch slapping, hair pulling and shrill, effeminate screeching, but a lady friend of mine had a large dollop of spittle splork her upside the head. One bloodied and broken nose later, a victor emerged lisping triumphantly as the loser sashayed off to, what I assume, his costmetic surgeon.

I've got to catch my flight, so that is all.

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