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The AbsurdistThe Absurdist

Sunday, August 29, 2004
  My encounter with EMI Canada

After discover of EMI Canada's policy of copy protection, I pecked this missive out like an irrate elderly woman post titty-gate Superbowl half-time show.

"It it very unfortunate that as an avid music fan and honest music consumer that I find myself skipping through the EMI catalogue of recordings because they are all incompatible for use on my computers or my iPod. On average, I purchase 2 cd's a week and will continue to do so as artists innovate the artwork, packaging, bonus material and liner notes of their work. I am sorry your business strategy has lost the plot in making the product worth owning, portable on the unstoppable tide of new technology, and reinforcing the general public's perception that record labels are reactionary crooks that dare consider the average music enthusiast to be no more than common criminals. I will leave you with a final positive note, however. There are many artists on your roster that I do find of quality. Perhaps on a trip abroad I may pick up a non-copy protected copy, which I can gladly say will not be contributing to your quarterly sales targets. I don't buy 8-tracks because they are not compatible with my system. Just like I don't by EMI Canada releases."

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