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The AbsurdistThe Absurdist

Monday, January 31, 2005
  When the Chinese drink, they drink like fish

The Chinese have a great ability to not drink. I can say this because I am 1/8 Chinese on my mother's side. I remember those days with Uncle Wu would stumble to our house, red faced, tipsy and slurring uncontrollably with the pungent stench of a single lite beer on his breath.

Those fond memories aside, the Chinese are now taking this high tolerance and thus high expertise on of all things alcoholic and trying to introduce globally a new intoxicant. A beverage easily marketable due to the fact that is deliciously made with... fish.

Possible marketing names and slogans? Let me kick it off with a few:

- Fishhead Beer- for those who like to get stinking drunk

- Captain Nemo Fish Rum- now spiced with extra entrails

- Destitut Vodka- made exclusively with the finest beached bloated shorewash

- Ickthyotonic- so bold, it'll put scales on your chest

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